Mouse Teeth: Ten of Swords EP Launch

Mouse Teeth belts and croons spellbinding lyrics over distorted guitars that thrash then drift into celestial swells that backdrop gut-wrenching performance poetry.

Mouse Teeth is the solo project of Leicester-born musician and poet Nancy Dawkins, which was formed out of the reflective isolation of lockdown and the wisdom gained from seeing a really good therapist. After achieving minor music success as a teen (“her voice is to die for and her writing craft is phenomenal” – Dean Jackson, BBC introducing 2011), Dawkins took time away to study philosophy, recover from being a teenage girl in music, become an adult, and fall into a long period of chronic illness in which time she took up tarot. Mouse Teeth combines themes of illness, grief, abuses of power, identity with existential reflection and an ear for the magic of the world. Mouse Teeth is angry but sees hope in spirit. Mouse Teeth is sad but finds strength in not keeping quiet about it. Mouse Teeth is tired and finds peace in ritual.

Support from Hex Poseur & Courtney Askey.


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