Urooj Ashfaq: Oh No!

Fresh from winning Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards and appearing on BBC Radio
4 institution Just A Minute, join one of India’s most exciting comics as she embarks on her debut
UK tour.
Urooj is a stand-up comedian who hails from Mumbai, India. She not only has a degree in
psychology but later went on to be in therapy herself. What is her show about, you ask? I think
you should ask YOURSELF why you insist on knowing everything. Why don’t you just show up for
the thing, be surprised, and go with the flow?*
*Okay, I’ll tell you: the show is about her, her family, things that annoy her, and things she loves.
She will obviously talk about herself since she’s already speaking in the third person. Please come
to my show. I love you.
Winner: Edinburgh Comedy Awards Best Newcomer 2023
“Back-to-back laughs... Urooj Ashfaq is a must-see” The Wee Review ★★★★★
“An electrifying comic talent from Mumbai” The Times ★★★★
“An utterly endearing comic” Fest ★★★★


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